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If you missed my first blog post, check it out here. I go into great detail about the history of the Nordstrom Anniversary sale and shared my thoughts and perspective on the whole shebang. I highly recommend reading that first!

Now if you do decide you want to shop the sale, here are some of my standout items off the bat as well as the items I decided to purchase. If you’re shopping, what did you end up taking home?

P.S. each photo is linked using an affiliate link which means at no cost to you, when you click on my link and then go on to check out (doesn’t have to be that specific item), I receive “credit” for your sale. Think of it like a finder’s fee. If you like my blog and want to support what I do, this is one of the best ways to do so and I am forever appreciative! As always, let me know if you have any questions about anything. 

Spanx faux leather leggings

If you were to get one thing from the sale (only if you're looking to shop, don't feel pressured), I would highly recommend these Spanx faux leather leggings. I live in them during fall and winter. I've had my current pair for two years now and they're still going strong. So comfortable. I got a small but I can also wear a medium. If you want them to do the Spanx thing and suck you in, I'd get your normal size. If you want them looser, size up one.

My next practical recommendation for the Nordstrom Anniversary sale would be this Hydroflask. Unfortunately, this is the only color I could find online, but it is super cute and I love the matching straw lid. The straw lid is a must and is normally another $10-15 on top of the price of the bottle but this whole set is less than $30. A steal for hydroflask! I literally carry my hydroflask with me everywhere.

Vince Camuto boots

Okay, I did not buy these boots this year. But I have last year's versions and the year's before that as well. Yes, I have two pairs of these Vince Camuto boots (they're not identical but they're just an updated version of mine). I held out on the over the knee boot thing for years because I thought it was dumb but I am obsessed with these boots. They are not thigh high. They actually just hit rigggggght above my knee at my knee cap top if that makes sense. They're wider, so perfect if you have wider calves, and fit over my jeans which was a requirement. Love the heel height. They're just a great boot if you need a tall one. I sized up to a 9 in these but I always size up so that I have room for extra socks for warmth. I'd say they fit true to size. Unless you have wide calves, I'd probably go up half a size then.

These are the pair of boots (or booties I should say) I did get this year. If you've been around for a while, you would've heard me talk about Blondo. I love these boots so much even though they are on the pricier side, I will admit. However, they are 100% waterproof (or weatherproof as they say) and they are so cute. I have a black pair of Blondos that I actually got from the anniversary sale 2 or 3 years ago that I have been waring nonstop. I wanted a pair of non-black ones so this was my splurge this year. I love this color and the braided detail on the side. The heel height doesn't feel too tall either although I'll be wearing them around the house plenty before I wear them outside just to be sure. Oh I sized up half a size, I find Blondos run a smidge small.

caslon mule

This was my other splurge this year. I've been looking for a good pair of leopard shoes for a while and I debated between these mules or a pair of flats. I decided to go with the mules and I hope I don't regret that decision! I don't think I will. I sized up half a size in these. The shoe salesman did tell me that they will stretch out in the front and my foot will move forward slightly but even in the size 9, my foot was riggght at the edge of the back.

Madewell earrings

These are such a cute take on a hoop! Madewell has never steered me wrong with accessories and I will probably be wearing these way too much starting now. If you're looking for something to wear now in the midst of all this fall merchandise, accessories are a great place to look! I felt like there were a lot of high end brands this year in the sale so it's hard to find affordable options but these are less than $20 and I didn't think that was too bad. They're a twist on a classic look which I loved.

Now onto the fun stuff, clothes! These are the Zella leggings I bought this year. They're the 7/8 length so they are a little cropped but I got them because they have POCKETS! And it fits my phone! Which I have a Samsung Note 9 so it's a pretty stinking big phone. Best workout pants ever. Even if I don't really work out all that often...

zella leggings

These are the regular pair of live-in leggings also by Zella (no pocket and full length). The high rise is a must, do not buy any others. These come up past my belly button and hold you in. Did you know that one of the designers from Lululemon left the company to go to Nordstrom to design the whole Zella line? Lululemon quality at a FRACTION of the price. I've been wearing these leggings since high school, they're that good.

leopard tshirt

One of two t-shirts I bought this year. I am all about the leopard print and it definitely is in style! Lots of leopard at this year's sale. I got my true size small in this and it's a little roomy so I would definitely say this is true to size, maybe even size down if you don't like the oversized fit. The sleeves are a lot looser than the body too.

tunic tshirt

I debated getting this one back and forth but decided to bring it home. I love this red color. Seems to be slim pickings online but they had plenty in my store. It's a model material, which means it's super slinky and soft. The tunic length is perfect for leggings! I sized up 2 sizes to a large, it's pretty clingy.

One of two workwear pieces I picked up. I actually brought this home in this color and a leopard pattern (told you I loved the leopard). Although it's more a snow leopard, we'll see if I keep it. I like to roll up the sleeves on tops like this. Not a bad price for a work blouse (which are very expensive normally).

The other workwear top I bought. Well actually ordered. We'll see if it actually shows up! I sized up, it was pretty tight across my chest. I love this floral pattern and it will look great with slacks or jeans to dress it down. Wish it was a little cheaper but it's well made and I know I'll get my wear out of it with all the conferences and conventions I have coming up for work.

Caslon knit blazer

My favorite piece I bought from the sale! I actually bought it in olive green but I'm debating trying to exchange it for this black. Not sure. It does have an unfinished edge detailing on the back and on the sleeves but I love the structured fit. Can be dressed up for work or dressed down and it's the perfect alternative to a cardigan or a formal blazer. Love that it's under $40 as well! A huge standout in the sale for me. A big fan of this one.

Nordstrom blanket

I actually bought two of these blankets last year, one as a gift. They're a great price point and super soft. They come in a million colors as well! Even more than they did last year. Wondering if I should get the "vanilla" color for our couch...if you buy them in store, some stores are able to personalize them for you with embroidery as well. A great Christmas gift idea. You won't regret this blanket. I promise.

All Nighter Spray

I don't have much on my list from the beauty department as most of the items are just marketed specifically for the sale and are just promotional products (not always the best deals), this is actually a really good deal. The Urban Decay All Nighter spray is by far my favorite setting spray. If you want your makeup to last as long as possible, you need this. Period. End of story.

I buy one of these every year. This year, I feel like it's the best deal yet! The Stila eyeliner is the best liquid eyeliner on the market. A full sized one costs $22. This set is only $20, you get a full sized eyeliner AND this year you get a mini liquid eyeshadow. Which if you haven't used before, it's basically liquid glitter and this kitten color is my favorite (it's a champagne color. So pretty on every skin tone). I'm always shocked that this set doesn't sell out immediately! Such a good deal.

Well there you have it. A roundup of my top picks. So far, everything except for one cardigan I managed to snag, is still online so that goes to show you that you don’t have to buy into the hype. There is plenty of good stuff left and even if you’re not a cardholder and have to wait till next week, there will still be plenty of good stuff. Again, this is just a sale. There will be plenty more to come as the season goes on! But it is a fun sale and I do enjoy shopping it just as much as the next person. Hopefully you found this useful. I would love to know what you have your eye on! Let me know!

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