California Dreaming – Part 8

The sendoff.

The most dreaded day of 2016. The day Nick officially leaves.

We weren’t able to see him, as he was already on the ships, but they had organized a send off at a nearby park where we could watch the ships leave the harbor on their way out. There was a great turn-out at the park; it was pretty cool to see. When the first ship left, the New Orleans, I had tears in my eyes seeing other wives and family members waving and cheering towards their marines and sailors, sending them away on their journey. Nick’s ship is the biggest out of the group and the second to leave. We had a great spot on the rocks and Nick was actually able to spot us out in the crowd. It’s a sad reality that we need these big ships and big guns to protect our country but I am so proud of my husband and his fellow marines for their willingness and readiness to protect our country, no matter the sacrifice. Yes, I had to say “see you later” to my husband of a few months but so many others had to say goodbye to newborn babies or even unborn babies, kissing their pregnant wives goodbye for yet another deployment. Our freedom comes at a heavy price. Don’t ever take that for granted.

The comm team, day before they actually left
A couple hours before we officially parted ways
There she goes…pulling out of the harbor
Do you see Nick?? He’s wearing sunglasses, to the right of the sailor second from the right.
Last picture together, for now
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