DIY Sidewalk Chalk Paint

DIY Sidewalk Chalk Paint

I found this idea on Pinterest originally for kids but why do kids get to have all the fun? I decided to decorate my front porch on Monday evening and it was so fun! I can’t wait to do this again. The only bummer is that our sprinklers hit every part of our front porch and driveway so my chalk art will only last for one day but I’ll still do it again!

Here’s the original post from The Best Idea for Kids.

DIY Sidewalk Chalk Paint


  • 1 cup cornstarch
  • 1 cup water
  • Food coloring


Combine the cornstarch and water and mix until there aren’t any lumps. Divide your mixture into muffin tins or whatever containers you want to use. Add food coloring (I did 4-6 drops into each muffin tin to get vibrant colors), mix, and paint away!

NOTE: I noticed after some time that my paint was getting clumpy so I just added some more water and mixed it back up.

There you have it! Here’s my first masterpiece. What should I make next?

I made the geometric pattern on the top step by using painters tape. I also taped out the Utah state outline to get a clean edge.

If you end up making some fun sidewalk chalk art, send it to me! I’d love to see it.

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