What Does Style Mean to Me?

This was actually one of my college admission essays I wrote over three years ago (Wow. Time flies!). I revised it two years ago when I decided to write a fashion blog and I stumbled upon it today. I thought it was worth reposting and sharing.

Before you click away, expecting it to be just another superficial, pointless spiel about the era of trends and designers, just listen to what I have to say. I am not intrigued by the runways of New York or Paris filled with the latest creations of the most high end designers. To me, fashion is more than an industry filled with wealth and materialism. There is more to the world of style than edge and expense. Fashion is about individualism and creativity. Every person has their unique style and that is what I love about it. That is what makes it meaningful. I am not as fascinated by the fashion industry as I am by the everyday woman or man. Style is an incredibly powerful tool that is designed to convey messages about who you are and what is important to you without even speaking a single word. What you choose to put on your body is intentional, whether you mean it to be or not. First impressions are key and most impressions are made without even a word being uttered. It is true that a book should not be judged by its cover, but a person is judged by their appearance until other qualities are identified. Job interviews are a perfect example of this. In the world of business, fashion plays a key role. An employer will not likely hire an employee that does not respect themselves enough to dress to impress. The clothes do not make the person, but they help tell the employer whether the employee makes an effort or not. Even after the job interview, fashion is vital. It tells the customer if they can take you seriously. It tells your co-workers if you care about your job. And most importantly, it tells yourself if you feel that you are worth the time it takes to look good. Clothing, to me, is like makeup. Makeup was not designed to create a whole new face, but only to enhance the features that already exist and bring out the good qualities. Style is to highlight the things you love about yourself, to help you look your absolute best, and to boost the confidence you already have. To me, style is all about discovering who you are and showing the rest of the world what you find. It is using your outside appearance to not only reflect your personality, but also to reveal the true natures of your heart. My style is my art form; it is how I announce to the world who I am and what makes me unique. It is your declaration to the world as well. Make sure the message you are sending is clearly representative of who you are and what is important to you. Let your style speak for itself.

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