Wedding Wednesday – The Proposal

I thought it would be appropriate to start at the beginning, the very beginning.

Nick proposed on Valentine’s Day in 2015. He came up to visit for the long weekend with, as he told me, the intention on asking my dad’s permission for my hand (all part of the plan). Turns out, he had been in cahoots with my whole family this whole time! He actually wrote his side of the story for our wedding website shortly after we were officially engaged. I’ll let you hear it from him 🙂

Hi I love my fiance and she is making me do this, I don’t know why.

I guess everyone wants know how I pulled off the big surprise. I pretty much made up my mind that I was going to propose a while ago. It wasn’t until after Christmas 2014 that I made up my mind as to when. She didn’t think I was going to be proposing until around fall of this year. So I wanted to push it up a little bit and surprise her. I was already planning on flying up from California for my President’s Day 4 day weekend to visit, so I figured that would be the perfect time to propose. The fact that Valentine’s Day was also that weekend was pretty helpful too. After many phone calls with her mom, the extended stay was already lined up and set on the calendar, but as far as Abby knew, I was just there for the weekend and then flying back. So the travel part of the whole surprise was taken care of, now it was time for the shiny thing that was to go on her finger.

Let’s face it, I’m a guy and a Marine on top that. I can fix things and make things go boom if I have to. I don’t know anything about jewelry. The good news was, Abby had already shown me what she liked, and told me some of the terminology of things things she liked. After saving all of that and writing it all down, I was still lost. So I started talking to her mom and looking for help. Thankfully I found out they had a family friend in the jewelry business. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get in contact with him for three weeks. It wasn’t until the Monday before I was flying out and proposing that was able to get in contact with him. I told him everything I knew, and that was all he needed. He showed me some various styles, I picked it out and had it sent up to Washington to meet me there.

So now I have my extended stay and ring taken care. “Now where/when to propose?” Probably the biggest and hardest question for me. I was vaguely familiar with the area from when I used to live here, and none of the memories as a 5th grader really helped, so I went back to her mom for help, and told her that obviously I wanted to surprise her and at some point the idea to propose at her work came up. Not my preferred place to pull off such a big event in our life, but it was about her. So Abby’s work it was, I went with the surprise factor and some how pulled it off. The cheering crowd that is in the video that you may or may not have seen, definitely wasn’t there when I approached her. But, it worked out in the end, and she was definitely surprised. My goal was achieved and we were finally engaged. So that’s my side of the proposal. I hate writing and I hate typing, and she made me do this. I guess this just sample of the married life. OH JOY!

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