My New Journey – One Without Bread!

I never thought I would ever be gluten-free. EVER. I’ve always said carbs are my weakness; I live for a good sourdough bread or a chocolate cupcake. Homemade baked goods are my kryptonite. Anyone who knows me knows that dessert is my first true love (sorry Nick!).

Yesterday was a pretty big milestone for me. It marks one week of getting serious and making the decision to put myself and my health first. I’ve known I’ve been gluten intolerant, or sensitive or whatever word you want to use, for a while now but I was incredibly reluctant to make the lifestyle change; bread is life!! It’s hard to imagine a world without donuts, pizza, and cake, but it was well overdue for me to bid it all farewell. Or at least the flour part of it!

I’m still learning what to eat and what to avoid. I haven’t been the most diligent in my research mostly because I feel like the list of things I can’t have is getting longer and longer and I’m on the side of “what you don’t know can’t hurt you” which I know isn’t the wisest decision but I’m taking the first step and that’s what matters. After a week, I’m already feeling so much better that I’m hoping that’s motivation enough to keep stepping in the right direction.

Anyways, yesterday was even more of a victory for me. We spent the entire day at the Happiest Place on Earth and I didn’t eat a single thing I shouldn’t have. Major props to Disneyland, they’re the most allergy friendly place on earth! I was able to get cheese pizza (that tasted amazing), a burger, lots of popcorn and fries, and didn’t feel like I was missing out, even on my birthday! I even said no to a birthday cupcake (which is HUGE for me, here’s a picture of it just so you can appreciate my willpower! ha it took everything in me actually….I even asked Nick if I could just take one bite and he told me not to. I listened…why did he have to make sense?)

We actually went to lunch with another family to celebrate their daughter’s birthday but they were so sweet and had a little surprise for me as well! Look how cute this is. Goofy’s hat on top was chocolate so I definitely dived into that right away. Does anyone know where to get these Mickey shaped sprinkles?? I need them in my life.

Every single restaurant has gluten-free offerings, most have a separate menu you can order off of. We ate at a buffet and they offered to bring out a chef to show me what’s safe to eat and what’s not. Reason number 3051 why I love Disney so much! I didn’t feel like I was being high maintenance or difficult, the food was accessible and delicious. Last week I ordered the gluten free pasta in California Adventure from the Boardwalk and I highly recommend it! Here’s a low-quality snapshot as well as the ticket.

Here is the ticket they give you at the Quick Service Restaurants. The chefs do a great job of keeping everything separate to avoid contamination.
Annnnnnnd there she is! Gluten free pasta in all her glory. Tastes like the real thing!

I’m sure more is to come on my gluten-free journey. Do any of you have any tips or pieces of advice? Favorite restaurants? That’s the hardest thing, trying to eat out. I welcome any input! I’m very new to this journey and have a long ways to go. Please share recipes, tips & tricks, or all the of above! I’m thankful that I’m not alone on this journey, there are many that have gone before me and many that will follow. Eating gluten-free is easier than ever, I strongly believe. My next mountain to tackle? Finding good gluten-free donuts!!

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