Massive HydroFlask Sale

I take a HydroFlask with me everywhere. I mean everywhere! I currently have two, a 32oz (which was my first one) and a 40oz. They are honestly the best water bottle ever! They keep your ice cold forever and with the straw lid, you’ll drink your daily water quota (half your body weight in ounces if you didn’t already know) in no time.

If you have issues with them fitting in your cupholder in your car, try this out for size. Game changer. Even my husband was impressed when this came in the mail! Now you have no excuse.

Anyways, REI is having their annual sale until 5/28 so ACT NOW because I’ve never seen HydroFlasks this cheap!

32 oz for $19.99 WHAT less than $20? Seriously. This is insanity.

40 oz for less than $22! You’ll honestly never see it this cheap.

This is the best option of all, 40 oz with the straw lid included, only $23! That’s worth every penny. The straw lid alone usually costs $10.

And just for fun, this one isn’t on sale but’s it’s insanely gorgeous and I just want to stare at it all day. I remember when these first came out, they were a Hawaii exclusive and then they came to the Pacific Northwest. I guess REI carries them now! I wish these were on sale…


Are you a HydroFlask fan? Which size do you have? Let me know!

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