Friday Favorites: Love Mickey Collection

Happy Friday everyone!

Follow up to last week’s Friday Favorites, this is the Mickey collection I was referring to! So cute right? There are even more items in stores (including this adorable happy camper collection, I’m struggling not buying it all). Let me know what you think and what you have your eye on, if anything. Target is on fire. They need to slow down or soon I’ll just be depositing my paycheck there every week! 

I think I'll be seeing this shirt everywhere this summer. It reminds me of those Thank You Thank You Thank You bags that every store has? Anyone else? I thought it was cute but it didn't end up coming home with me. I do have to say, considering this is only $15, the quality is pretty great! Definitely not see-through and more of a thicker cotton. Everything is a little "softened," no bright vibrant colors. Gives it a more vintage vibe.

I was so excited about this cosmetic bag! I ordered it online earlier this week, should be coming in soon. They actually make a toddler sweatshirt with the same pattern. If it was a girl's size, I would have bought it but I can't exactly fit into a toddler large ha ha. I love the pink, the tassel, the Mickey head, it's all just so perfect for me! I think I'm going to throw this in my work bag to have a bit of "everyday magic" to carry with me!

Another item that is on its way to me. I'm not a big bandana person but I've seen a few inspiration photos that got me excited to try it. And for $6, I thought why not. It's very Americana, which I'm all about, and it has polka dots and Mickey on it, what's not to love! I'm thinking I'll tie it up in my hair, either as a headband or even over a ponytail, or maybe wear it around my neck if I get brave enough. If you have any good inspiration photos for bandanas, send them my way. I'm willing to try it!

This was the very first thing I bought from the collection and probably what I am most excited about! These totally scream me and I'll have to stop myself from wearing them every single day. First of all, they're so soft. Second of all, they're my current favorite color, AND they're Disney? I've been really into matching PJ sets so of course this ended up in my cart! I would recommend sizing up in these, I normally size up for my pajamas because I like a looser fit but these fit more snug. If I would go back, I would size up two sizes instead of one but I already took the tags off and washed these so I'll make them work 🙂 but just as a heads up if you wanted to snag a pair!

Well did you see anything you liked? Has anyone gone in and seen the stuff in stores yet? It’s all so cute. I feel like they did a good job of making it more subtle and not “obnoxious in your face Disney” if that makes sense. I’m a fan of some of these more adult pieces that I can wear in everyday life as well! Let me know your thoughts, are you all over this like I am? Or going to take a backseat to this one? 

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