California Dreaming – Part 5

My parents came into town to help move me back home and to say goodbye to Nick. Their flight was delayed so our day started a lot later than we expected. Instead, we walked outside Knotts Berry Farm for a bit and met my dad’s cousins at Medieval Times for dinner.

I’m not sure what I expected but it was quite the experience! Unfortunately my phone died at the beginning of the show so I don’t have any pictures to show and the ones we took on Nick’s phone are still with him. I forgot to download them before he left. It was pretty amazing though! I wish I had brought my camera because the horses and their sportsmanship were amazing. It wasn’t all about the knights, as entertaining as they were. We were cheering for the black and white knight. He won the first round of duels but then was “killed” in the next round. The best part of the evening was how into it my mom got! She was yelling and screaming for him haha. All in all, it was a great night. Here is the only picture documented proof that we were there and it is too great not to share 🙂




P.S. One benefit of waiting so long for this post is that Nick had internet for a brief moment several weeks ago and I was able to get some of the pictures off of his phone! (Just as a side note…this post was originally written on February 23rd. I only had the picture left to upload. Better late than never, right?)

IMG_3212 IMG_3213

My crown ended up getting stuck to his. Oh how I miss this smile and laugh so much! It’s good to look back at happy times 🙂 and to think about all the memories we’ll make together again someday soon! One day at a time. That’s my new mantra.

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