Adventures in Julian

If you ever get the chance to explore Southern California, I would definitely add Julian to the list. It’s a little town tucked up in the mountains that is full of the world’s best pies. Nick grew up visiting this little town so his personal favorite is Julian Pie Company, which is why we always stop here. I’m dying to try some of the other little Mom & Pop shops but we’re always so full after our first round of pie! Next time (I always say that).

It is definitely worth the drive just for the pie and I do not say that lightly!

Granted, we didn’t have the best timing considering it was a holiday weekend, but it was still a fun little day trip. We waited over half an hour for our pie and there weren’t any tables available so we gobbled it up which sitting on the sidewalk. Thus, no picture. You’ll just have to take my word for it that it was delicious! Or check it out for yourself 😉

After successfully completing our pie mission, we walked around the rest of the town. They have the cutest little shops and boutiques up there. I found my new favorite store called The Warm Hearth. It was a combination antique store with gifts and clothes. I found SO many vintage signs that I wanted to take home, but sadly we had to pass as we’ll probably be moving soon (but that’s for another time). I could easily spend hours in there and I know my mom would love it as well! Maybe we can squeeze a trip up there one time when she comes to visit.

Another reason I love Julian so much is that it doesn’t quite feel like California. It’s tucked away and away from all the hustle and bustle! During fall, you can actually go and pick apples up there. It almost has a Washington feel, with all of the trees, shade, and shops. Maybe that’s why I am always up for a visit?

They are also incredibly military friendly. There’s even a new restaurant called Heroes that honors not only military but also first responders and their families. I added it to our list to visit the next time we come up.

That pretty much concludes our mini Julian adventure! On our way home, we did stop at one of the fruit stands off the side of the road and picked up some fresh avocados (they’re like a dream), oranges, and lemons. I wanted some strawberries but they were already sold out for the day. A good excuse to go back right?

I can’t wait to break into those lemons and make some fresh lemonade. Is anything better than that?

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